SensMax L3

    SensMax L3


SensMax Loyalty Button L3             

Operation principle: Three feedback buttons with smileys – happy, sad, disappointed
Internal memory: 25 days
Power supply: AA batteries
Battery life: Up to 2 years
Communication range: L3 Pro up to 50m, L3 LR – 150m, L3 SLR – 800m

SensMax Loyalty Button L3 for customer feedback collection. Battery life up to 2 years.





SensMax Loyalty button is a wireless battery-powered device for customer satisfaction feedback research. It has three emotion icons on it – happy, sad, and disappointed. Customers leave their feedback to your survey question by pressing any of the emotion buttons. The printed question is installed in a plastic question-holder stand together with the customer survey button.



The customer survey button updates the survey at SensMax online reporting portal or locally installed SensMax Server using a SensMax gateway every 20 minutes. There are two types of gateways available LAN/Internet or WiFi/Internet gateway.

Statistical data displayed in ready-to-use reports per day, week, month, and year. You can see customer feedback statistics and Network Promoters Score index calculation. SensMax customer survey system statistics can merge with SensMax people counting system data in one reporting application.

Three models of the customer survey buttons presented: SensMax L3 Pro, SensMax L3 LR, and SensMax L3 SLR offering several connectivity ranges of up to 40-50m, up to 150m, and up to 800m. So you can choose the right model for small, medium and big premises accordingly.




SensMax Customer survey buttons advantages

  • Wireless setup – wireless customer survey device installation takes some minutes only.
  • Internal memory – built-in memory for 25 days backup of customer survey statistics.
  • Long battery life – customer survey buttons working for up to 2 years using standard AA batteries.
  • Automatic operation – data updates from customer survey button delivered to a server every 20 minutes for 24/7.
  • Spam pressings protection – customer survey button has a spam filter for protection from many pressings in a short time.




Technical details:

Application: Customer feedback collection, NPS index calculation, Network Promoter Score tracking, customer survey in retail store, customer satisfaction tracking in airport, measure customer loyalty in shopping mall, track service quality in bank office, collect feedback of washroom cleanliness.

Operation principle: Pressing one of three feedback buttons with smiley faces.

Communication range: SensMax Loyalty Button L3 50m, SensMax Loyalty Button L3 LR 150m, SensMax Loyalty Button L3 SLR 800m.

Radio module frequency: SensMax Loyalty Button L3 2.4 GHz, SensMax Loyalty Button L3 LR 868MHz, SensMax Loyalty Button L3 SLR 868MHz.

Internal memory: 25 days.

Enclosure: White ABS Plastic.

Power supply: AA batteries.

Battery lifetime: Up to 2 years.

Data gateways supported: Automatic data collector SensMax TCPIP, Automatic data collector SensMax WiFi.

Dimensions: 67x67x25mm.

Spam filter: Intelligent digital filter for spam pressings filtration.


This device appears in those solutions:


  • Customer survey system for retail stores




  • Client survey system for hospitals and healthcare organizations




  • Visitor survey system for toilets



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