SensGuard TCP LR X2

    SensGuard TCP LR X2


SensGuard TCP LR X2 data gateway

Range of communication: up to 150m
Quantity of serviced devices: up to 250 sensors
Internal memory: short term backup memory (5 sensors 18h, 250 sensors 0.5h)
Internet connection: using LAN router


SensGuard TCP LR X2 remote monitoring system LAN data gateway for all types of temperature and humidity sensors.



SensMax SensGuard TCP LR X2 remote monitoring system gateway is a LAN-connected device that reads environment parameters from various types of remote temperature and humidity sensors using a wireless communication protocol. This remote monitoring gateway supports data collection from up to 250 sensors. The communication distance to wireless sensors is up to 150m.

For complex premises, there is an option to use data repeaters to extend the communication range up to 500m. It has a standard RJ45 port for connection to a local router and provides automatic data forwarding to the online reporting portal.



SensMax SensGuard TCP LR X2 remote monitoring system data gateway has internal memory for short term data backup. In case of any Internet connection problems, the data gateway will save records internally and will update the online database automatically once the connection restored. This data gateway can be powered using a standard power adaptor or using a Power over Ethernet connector.

The data gateway has an internal watchdog to prevent the device from hanging up in case of any electricity failures. If there is a need to connect sensors out of the connection range (150m), the data gateway can work as a data retranslator for a master data gateway. Remote monitoring system gateway supports simultaneous data reading from different types of SensMax sensors: wireless temperature sensors, wireless temperature and humidity sensors, temperature sensors with a probe, and air quality VOC sensors.


SensGuard TCP LR X2 data gateway advantages

  • Wireless device – simple installation without any cabling works.
  • Long range communication – wireless communication range is up to 150m.
  • Universal usage – supports data reading from various types of SensMax remote monitoring sensors.
  • Big capacity – supports data reading from up to 250 pcs of sensors within communication range.
  • Backup memory – built-in memory for short-term data backup in case of Internet connectivity failures.
  • Reliable device – built-in watchdog prevents hangups from electricity network failures.



Technical Details:

Application: Temperature monitoring, humidity monitoring, temperature control in freezers, temperature monitoring for warehouse, HVAC temperature control, measure humidity in premises, temperature and humidity logger.

Devices supported: SensGuard MCP9808, SensGuard ENS210, SensGuard DS1820, SensGuard PT100, SensGuard PT100HA.

Communication ranges: Up to 150m.

Communication frequency: 868Mhz.

Data signal encryption: AES128.

Quantity of serviced devices: Up to 250 wireless sensors.

Internal memory: The short term shared backup memory  (5 sensors 18h, 200 sensors 0.5h).

LAN connection: RJ45.

Configuration port: USB.

Power supply: AC adapter 5V or POE.

Case: АВS Plastic, black.

Dimensions: 90x66x28mm.

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Projekt i realizacja: BigCom