AMERSEC’S customer counters built in anti-theft gates

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    AMERSEC'S customer counters built in anti-theft gates


AMERSEC’S cloud based solution designed for retailers that want to have detailed insight into their store performance. User-friendly environment of our web-based interface provides store managers with all essential data gathered from our systems.

Browsing through store data, comparing performance in different periods or comparing multiple stores at the same time, has never been easier.

Store managers can quickly set-up and generate a variety of graphs and charts to see exact statistics and information they need to improve their store performance.

Essential data about in-store behavior can be collected from different type of visitor counting solutions as well as EAS systems and POS Deactivation units.

Having stores equipped with multiple solutions to protect merchandise and increase profits, every retailer wants to be sure it works. But how does it perform and is it really working correctly?

Main dashboard can be fully personalized and gives managers clear on-line information about behavior of all equipment installed in the store.

STOREMONITOR checks connections and working status of all equipment every minute to make sure that information displayed on the dashboard is always up to date.

All data from EAS security systems, POS Deactivation units and Visitor counting solutions are collected and stored to provide our clients and store managers not only with actual status but also with full history of installed devices.

Our “pocket“ version of the cloud based STOREMONITOR PRO brings very similar features but with no need to be connected to cloud server.

STOREMONITOR LITE comes pre-installed on an interactive touch screen panel where all data are being stored and processed.

Primarily designed for smaller retailers who do not need to compare data and performance of multiple stores but still want to have complete control of in-store behavior.

Visitor counter data, POS deactivations and tag alarms can be displayed in a variety of graphs and charts to provide store managers with all important analysis and overviews.

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