Stojak obudowa do tableta tabletu noga tilt czarna



The tablet stand STAND DESK TILT is made of high quality ABS plastic which enables WiFi transmission. Protects tablets with dimensions from 9 to 11 “and is designed for mounting on a desk, shop counter, table etc.

The tablet enclosure has a very modern and light design. Has rounded shapes, without sharp edges. Allows the safe use of tablets in shops, banks, health centers, restaurants, information points, libraries, schools, at retail fairs etc. It is used for sharing various informations, presenting the company’s offers, searching information, presenting advertisements, etc. The movable swivel part of the STAND DESK TILT stand allows the tablet to be turned to the customer in the range of – 60 ° to 60 °, what makes the stand easy adjustable the user’s needs.

Stojak obudowa do tableta tabletu tilt biały Stojak obudowa do tableta tabletu tilt czarny noga

The STAND DESK TILT stand is also available in a version for securing tablets from 7 to 9 “and from 11 to 13”.

The tablet can be positioned in portrait or landscape orientation.

The front panel comes in different versions:

– exposed camera and exposed home button,

– exposed camera and covered home button,

– covered camera and covered home button,

– covered camera and exposed home button.

Available colors: black, white.

Stojak obudowa do tableta tabletu tilt czarny Stojak obudowa do tableta tabletu tilt biały

The tablet’s enclosure with a key lock.

Stojak obudowa do tableta tabletu zamek obudowy

Additional options:

– free-standing base – allows the portable use of the tablet and placing the stand on the counter without drilling holes and mounting the stand permanently,

– “kensington lock” security cable – a cable attached to the enclosure to protect tablet against theft,

– angled charging cable – allows for constant charge of the tablet.

The cable goes through the leg, making it invisible to the customer.

The desired options of STAND DESK TILT should be specified at the order stage.

The offered goods are of the highest quality. Choose solid solutions and security. Take advantage of the product range from AMERSEC, trusted business partner. In our offer you can find everything you need to protect your equipment against theft and damage.

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