People Counting on Walking and Cycling Trails


    Walking and cycling trails are vital recreational and fitness spaces, attracting people of all ages to connect with nature and lead an active lifestyle. Understanding visitor traffic is crucial for effective trail management, resource allocation, and improving user experience.

    Main features: 

    1. Resource Allocation: Accurate data on trail usage helps to allocate resources efficiently. Knowing peak hours and popular areas allows them to plan maintenance activities, manage waste disposal, and maintain trail amenities.
    2. Enhanced Safety Measures: Monitoring footfall on trails allows identifying potentially overcrowded areas and implementing safety measures accordingly. They can optimize trail signage, deploy staff during busy periods, and improve overall visitor safety.
    3. User Experience Improvement: Understanding trail traffic patterns enables trail managers to tailor visitor experiences. They can create more enjoyable and user-friendly environments by identifying preferred routes.
    4. City Planning and Infrastructure Development: Data from people counting on trails can be used for urban planning. It helps identify popular routes, determine where new trails are needed, and integrate walking and cycling infrastructure into urban development plans.

    System for Remote Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity in Warehouses and Storages


    SensMax monitoring system allows automating control of temperature and humidity within warehouses and product storages for lowering heating and ventilation costs, as well as for controlling products and equipment storage environment parameters.

    Main features:

    1. Add value for customers – Provide high-quality service standards for product storage.
    2. Monitor anywhere & anytime – Control the property and the products stored therein 24/7 via the Internet.
    3. Get notified – Receive notifications whenever the temperature or humidity exceeds the allowed parameters in real-time.
    4. Save resources – Automate environment control and don’t spend resources to carry out manual checks.
    5. Lower costs – Reduce costs associated with maintaining an HVAC system and prevent costly damage to the property or stored equipment.


    System for Remote Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity in pharmacies and laboratories


    Remote temperature and humidity monitoring system for pharmacies and pharmaceutical warehouses provides detailed information about medical products storage temperature and humidity levels. You will be notified immediately if any of controlled parameters are out of allowed ranges.

    Main features:

    1. Reduce spoilage of the pharmacy products – The key personnel is receiving real-time alerts via email or SMS if refrigerator humidity or temperature is out of allowed range.
    2. Monitor environment from anywhere – Access to the remote monitoring system for 24/7 via the Internet.
    3. Compliance with regulations – monitoring the temperature of the refrigerator or room is an obligation resulting from the regulations contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Health of October 27, 2022 on the basic conditions for running a pharmacy.
    4. Prevent failure of equipment – Be aware of early warning signs that can help prevent medical refrigeration equipment failure.
    5. Save time and resources – Remote monitoring system tracks temperature and humidity automatically, so there is no need for manual checking.

    Outdoor people counters for non electricity areas


    Outdoor pedestrian counting system for parks, recreational facilities, and trails help you to detect the number of people visiting the public location, as well as tracking visiting trends. Outdoor pedestrian counting system helps to schedule staff work and maintenance activities and gives you information for grant proposals and investment calculations.

    Main features:

    1. Outdoor design. Wireless pedestrian counters with a robust waterproof and anti-vandal case.
    2. Extended memory. Outdoor people counters have built-in memory for pedestrian traffic statistics storing for up to 250 days.
    3. Directional count. Unidirectional and bidirectional people counting algorithms for your needs.
    4. Easy and wireless installation. Wireless outdoor sensors powered by batteries and no need for any cabling forks to install them.
    5. Long battery life. One-direction pedestrian counting sensors work using standard AA batteries for up to 2 years and two-direction sensors for up to 1 year.



    We are very pleased to inform you that thanks to establishing cooperation with SensMax, we have become a distributor of devices for wireless people counting and remote monitoring.

    SensMax is a manufacturer of IoT sensors for business customers.

    SensMax develops and produces high-quality, modern devices for business with a convenient and intuitive interface for each device. The offer includes various types of devices that meet various business requirements. We use only modern technologies, modern solutions and the latest components. Therefore, by using these solutions you can “keep up with the times”!



    We are pleased to announce that thanks to establishing cooperation with AGON SYSTEMS LTD, we have become the sole distributor of Concept Tag anti-theft products in Poland!

    Concept Tag anti-theft clips produced by AGON have been awarded and recognized as the most innovative product in the field of EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) for 30 years. They reduce shoplifting by up to 75%!

    Zabezpieczenie odzieży Concept Tag

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