About us

American Security Polska was established in 2004 as the General Distributor of American Security Ltd., which has been operating on the global security market for over 20 years. They specialize in the production and sale of Electronic Shoplifting Prevention Systems (EAS) to protect stores and shopping centers against theft.

Thanks to international partners and long-term cooperation with world leaders in the security industry, American Security Polska offers the highest quality security products in all price ranges.
Responding to the growing and ever-changing needs of our customers, our company offers radio-frequency 1.8, 1.95 and 8.2 MHz anti-theft systems, 58 kHz acoustic-magnetic AM systems, as well as metal and magnet detection systems, visitor counters, all necessary anti-theft accessories, tablet protection stands and cable security systems for stores.

We especially recommend unique on the market systems "2in1", "3in1" and "4in1" with metal detectors built into the gates, magnet detectors and customer counters. Customer counter as well as each of detectors, can also be built into the anti-theft gates which are already installed in the store as a seperate but compatible system.
American Security Polska is also the only distributor in Poland of the American company Se-Kure Controls, Inc., which has been operating on the security market since 1965 and is the world's largest producer of alarm systems for protecting goods on displays. Se-Kure Controls, Inc. designs and produces the highest quality security systems to protect expensive clothing, small electronics such as cell phones, computers, tablets and many others against theft.
Najważniejszym celem American Security Polska nie jest sama sprzedaż,
ale zapewnienie klientowi optymalnego rozwiązania !
Dzięki szerokiej gamie produktów i ciągłemu procesowi dostosowywania się do potrzeb klientów, firma American Security Polska stała się, w ostatnich latach, jednym z największych dostawców systemów oraz akcesoriów antykradzieżowych w Polsce.

Naszymi Kontrahentami są pojedyncze punkty sprzedaży, duże sieci handlowe, obiekty użyteczności publicznej i inne.

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