SensMax D3

    SensMax D3


SensMax D3 wireless people counting sensors


Operation principle: Infrared beam crossing   
Movement direction finding: Bi-directional
Internal memory: 25 days of hourly data
Power supply: AA batteries
Battery life: up to 1 yea
Communication range: D3 Pro up to 50m, D3 LR – 150m, D3 SLR – 800m.

SensMax D3 wireless people counting sensor. Bidirectional people counting. Battery life up to 1 year.



SensMax D3 wireless people counting sensor powered by standard AA batteries is a people counter that uses three infrared rays for bidirectional people counting. This remote counting sensor can detect visitors’ IN or OUT movement direction.

Installation of wireless people counting sensors is quick and easy. It only takes 5-10 minutes to install the people counter at any entrance of the premises. The sensor delivers information to a centralized database using the SensMax gateway.



There are three modifications of bidirectional people counting sensors with different communication ranges:

  1. SensMax Pro D3 – 40-50m
  2. SensMax D3 LR – up to 150m
  3. SensMax D3 SLR – up to 800m.

You can choose the proper model for your project according to the size of the premises.

We recommend using SensMax Pro D3 and SensMax D3 LR sensors for counting people in small and medium premises, as well as SensMax D3 SLR for complex premises with many entrances, located on several floors, as example counting people in a big office building with many floors.

SensMax D3 people counter is a wireless sensor that can be powered by standard AA batteries for up to 1 year. The sensor has built-in backup memory that is enough to store 25 days of hourly statistics.

People counting sensor SensMax D3delivers statistical data to SensMax cloud reporting portal or a local server using SensMax gateway every 20 minutes. There are two types of SensMax gateways supported – LAN/Internet-based gateway for all sensor types and WiFi internet-based gateway for LR and SLR models.

You will get various ready-to-use analytical, statistical, and administrative reports per hour, day, week, month, etc. The bidirectional people counting algorithm gives you options to check people traffic statistics per IN and OUT movement direction separately.



Wireless people counter benefits

  • Movement direction detection – supports people counting for incoming and outgoing visitors.
  • Wireless setup – simple installation of wireless people counting takes 5-10 minutes.
  • Internal memory – bidirectional people counter backup memory for 25 days of hourly statistics.
  • Automatic operation – people counting sensors working 24/7 and sending statistic updates to a server every 20 minutes.
  • Long range – wireless bidirectional people counting sensors with an extended range of communication sensor/gateway up to 800m.



Technical Details:

Application: People counting in retail store, people counting in shopping mall, people counting in office building, people counting in washroom, people counting in library, people countign in museum.

People counting technology: Infrared beam crossing.

Movement tracking: Bi-directional IN/OUT

Internal memory: 25 days of hourly data.

Connectivity range: SensMax PRO D3 up to 50m, SensMax D3 LR up to 150m SensMax D3 SLR up to 800m.

Radio module frequency: SensMax PRO D3 2.4 GHz, SensMax D3 LR 868 MHz, SensMax D3 SLR 868 MHz.

Data gateways supported: Automatic data collector SensMax TCPIP, Automatic data collector SensMax WiFi.

Case: Black or White ABS Plastic.

GDPR/Privacy law: Anonymous people detection, 100% compliant, no filming.

Counting accuracy: Up to 99%.

Passage width: Optimal 1m – 5m, maximum – 9m.

Infrared ray angle: One beam, 6°.

Fixture: Double-sided adhesive tape, Plastic mounting bracket.

Tamper protection: Sound alarm and report in software.

Power supply: AA batteries.

Battery lifetime: Up to 1 year.

Dimensions: 67x67x25mm.

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