SensMax DE

    SensMax DE


SensMax DE outdoor people counting sensor

Operation principle: Infrared beam crossing
Movement direction finding: Bi-directional
Internal memory: 150 days of hourly data
Power supply: AA batteries
Battery life: up to 1 year

SensMax DE outdoor people counter for parks and walking trails. Bidirectional. Battery life up to 1 year.



SensMax DE is a bidirectional infrared beam people counting sensor used as a standalone pedestrian counter in no electricity and no internet public areas, like parks or walking trails. It creates an invisible barrier with three infrared beams that count pedestrians passing it.

  • SensMax DE pedestrian counting sensor is powered by standard AA batteries for up to 1 year.
  • The footfall sensor can detect IN and OUT direction movements.
  • You can order an optional IP68 water/dust outdoor case to protect the sensor.



The outdoor people counting sensor recording the number of passing pedestrians into internal memory that is enough to store up to 150 days of hourly data. There is a need to visit the sensor and download people counting statistics using manual data collector SensMax SE/DE, which can store the data from up to 99 outdoor people counting sensors.

You can download pedestrian counting statistics to a local PC with SensMax EasyReport software installed on it by connecting the data collector via USB port. All data from outdoor people counters will automatically append previous statistics. SensMax Easy report software contains ready-to-use pedestrian traffic reports per hour, day, week, month, and year.



Infrared Beam Counters Advantages

  • Wireless setup – very easy wireless installation without any cabling works.
  • Internal memory –  beam counter records 150 days of hourly statistics.
  • Movement direction detection – bidirectional people counting for incoming and outgoing visitors.
  • Autonomous operation – infrared beam counters operate without any connection to IT infrastructure.
  • Outdoor design – dust and water protected outdoor cases made from industrial plastics.

Techical Details:

Application: Counting pedestrians outdoor, people coutning outdoor , pedestrian counting in parks, footfall counting outdoor, people counting in non-elecricity areas, pedestrian counting on walking trails, footfall counting outdoor

People counting technology: Three infrared beam crossing.

Movement tracking: Bi-directional IN/OUT

Internal memory: 150 days of hourly data.

Connectivity range: IrDA, 1m.

Case: Black ABS Plastic + additionally outdoor housing with IP-68 protection

Counting accuracy: 95% 2m, >2m -1%/m

Passage width: Optimal 1m – 5m, maximum – 9m.

GDPR/Privacy law: Anonymous people detection, 100% compliant, no filming.

Infrared ray angle: Three beams, 6°.

Fixture: Double-sided adhesive tape, plastic mounting bracket, screws

Data collection: Manual footfall data collector SensMax SE/DE.

Power supply: AA batteries, up to 1 year.

Dimensions: 67x67x25 mm.

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