SensMax TCPIP


SensMax TCPIP gateway

Communication range: Standard up to 50m, LR – 150m, SLR – 800m 
Internal memory: 250 days of hourly data
LAN connection: Standard LAN wire RJ45
Power supply: AC adapter 5V or PoE



SensMax TCPIP gateway for information reading from wireless people counting sensors and wireless customer survey buttons. LAN connection RJ45.


SensMax TCPIP data gateway is an electronic device that collects incoming data from the SenMax wireless people counting sensors and customer survey buttons. It transfers the data received from the sensors to the central database using LAN/Internet connection. The data gateway reads statistics from the sensors and delivers them to the SensMax online reporting portal or locally installed SensMax server. The data gateway has an RJ45 port for connection to the Internet router using a standard LAN cable.



There are three modifications of the gateway with different communication ranges:

  • SensMax TCPIP – 40-50m
  • SensMax TCPIP LR – up to 150m
  • SensMax TCPIP SLR – up to 800m.

The gateways can read the data from any model of sensors: SensMax S1, SensMax D3, and SensMax Loyalty Button.

Please note that you need to use devices of the same range so they can connect, for example, the LR gateway should be used only with the LR sensors.

The data gateway downloads information from wireless sensors and sending it to a central database using LAN/Internet router every 20 minutes.

SensMax TCPIP data gateway is capable of serving up to 5 sensors, but LR and SLR models can connect to up to 30 people counting sensors or customer survey buttons. The data gateway can serve the mix of devices, i.e., 1 pcs uni-directional people counting sensors, 2 pcs bi-directional people counting sensors and 1 pcs wireless customer survey buttons.

The gateway has a built-in memory for 250 days of hourly data backup. The backup memory is shared among all served sensors, for example, 5 sensors can have an additional backup for 50 days each.

SensMax TCPIP Data Gateway Advantages

  • Freeze protection – has a built-in watchdog that prevents the device from freezing in case of any electricity failures.
  • Internal memory – shared memory for data backup that is enough to store 250 days of hourly statistics in total from many sensors.
  • Automatic operation – automatic data reading from people counting sensors and customer survey buttons. Database updates evey 20 minutes.
  • Long range – extended connectivity range allows data reading from wireless sensors within 800m radius.
  • Easy setup – simple and easy plug and play installation.



Technical Details:

Application: People counting in retail store, people counting in shopping mall, people counting in office building, people counting in washroom, people counting in library, people counting in museum.

Sensors supported: SensMax Pro S1 , SensMax Pro S1 LR, SensMax Pro S1 SLR, SensMax Pro D3, SensMax Pro D3 LR, SensMax Pro D3 SLR, SensMax Loyalty Button L3, SensMax Loyalty Button L3 LR, SensMax Loyalty Button L3 SLR.

Communication ranges: SensMax TCPIP up to 50m, SensMax TCPIP LR up to 150m, SensMax TCPIP SLR  up to 800m.

Quantity of serviced devices: SensMax TCPIP 5pcs sensors, SensMax TCPIP LR 30pcs sensors, SensMax TCPIP SLR 30 pcs sensors.

Internal memory: 250 days of hourly data, Shared memory among sensors.

Internet connection: LAN router, RJ45.

Configuration port: USB.

Radio frequency: SensMax TCPIP 2.4GHz, SensMax TCPIP LR 868MHz, SensMax TCPIP SLR 868MHz.

Power supply: AC adapter 5V or POE adaptor.

Case: ABS plastic, black.

Dimensions: 90x66x28mm.


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