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Full-featured, powerful AM (Acousto-Magnetic) ACE system is focused on strong detection of adhesive labels, reliability, and flexibility. It was was designed to operate as one (MONO) or two (DOUBLE) pedestals solution and is powered by the Power Box, which can be connected to up to two pedestals.
The new AM ACE system is suitable for any environment, with a performance that ranks at the top of the retail security market.
Remote connectivity and data collection are standard inbuilt features of the AM ACE systems. It ensures that our systems are not only easy to install but can also be serviced and maintained remotely with fast response and without unnecessary travel costs.
For retailers facing losses due to professional shoplifters equipped with foil-lined bags, the classic pedestal line can be upgraded with our integrated NG METAL SPY, providing the maximum protection that you can expect from an article surveillance system.
Features and options:
• Remote maintenance and diagnostics
• StoreMonitor connectivity
• MetalMagnet detection
• Visitor counting


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