NEW ACE Classic 30 Advert

    NEW ACE Classic 30 Advert

    ID: AS-A30CL-AD

The AM ACE CLASSIC pedestals prove that an economical solution does not mean sacrificing performance or quality. The slim and space-saving design is ideal for stores that require only tag detection, without additional integrated features. Our Classic line of pedestals are available in three standard colours (silver, black and white) as well as three stylish options. The standard Classic pedestal is a lightweight, fully closed pedestal with opaque panels in one of our standard colour. The second option is transparent design with acrylic panels added to protect crossbars from possible damage at high traffic places. The third one is the AM Classic 30 Advert. An advertisement panel on your security system can be an additional sales tool with our “easy slide” access to printed banner replacement. An identical pedestal but without the opaque panel, the Classic X pedestal features a transparent acrylic surface that blends in with the surrounding space.
The CLASSIC 30 can be used as an advertising panel, or it can be installed as a transparent pedestal (CLASSIC 30X).

It can also be connected to the StoreMonitor cloud for advanced system analytics and store performance reports.
In addition to these powerful features our systems are ECO MODE enabled. This power-saving tool helps you minimize electricity consumption which increases the lifespan of the system, saves costs, and is environmentally friendly.

Features & options:
• Remote maintenance and diagnostics
• StoreMonitor connectivity
• Metal detection
• Advertisement panel
• Additional alarm outputs
• Jammer detector
• Tag too close indication
• Decoration light
• ECO MODE enabled systems

System specification:
Operating frequency – 57–59 kHz
Power – 85–265 V, 50–60 Hz
Consumption – approx. 30 W


Height: 152,5 cm

Width: 29,4 cm

Depth: 5,2 cm

Advertisement panel: 148.7 x 24.4 cm

Weight: 8,05 kg

ul. Gen. Bora-Komorowskiego 38, 36-100 Kolbuszowa

Projekt i realizacja: BigCom