SensMax TCPIP TS


SensMax TCPIP TS data gateway for real-time sensors

Communication range: LR – 150m, SLR – 800m
Internal memory: 2000 recordings
Power supply: AC adaptor 5V or POE adaptor
Additional feature: Real-time data delivery


SensMax TCPIP TS gateway for statistics reading from real-time people counting sensors and customer survey buttons.


SensMax TCPIP TS gateway is a device for reading statistics from real-time people counters and real-time customer survey buttons. It uploads statistical data from wireless sensors to SensMax online reporting portal in real-time using LAN/Internet connection.



There are two modifications of the gateway with different communication ranges:

  • SensMax TCPIP LR TS – up to 150m
  • SensMax TCPIP SLR TS – up to 800m.

The gateway works with these sensors: SensMax D3 TS and SensMax Loyalty Button TS.

Please note that you need to use devices of the same range so they can connect, for example, the LR gateway should be used only with the LR sensors.

SensMax TCPIP TS data gateway supports connection up to 30 pcs of people counting sensors and customer survey buttons. It can read data from different devices simultaneously, for example, several people counting sensors and customer survey buttons. The gateway has a built-in memory for 2000 records for short-term backup which is shared across all connected sensors.

SensMax TCPIP Real-time Data Gateway Advantages

  • Real-time updates –  the gateway delivers data to the server in real-time mode.
  • Easy setup – plug and play installation take some minutes.
  • Internal memory – the data gateway has built-in backup memory for 2000 records.
  • Long Range  – data reading from wireless sensors within 800m range.



Technical Details:

Application: Real-time people counting in retail store, occupancy monitoring in shopping mall,  real-time people counting in office buildings, real-time people counting in washrooms, real-time occupancy monitoring in premises.

Sensors supported: SensMax Pro D3 LR TS, SensMax Pro D3 SLR TS, SensMax Loyalty Button L3 LR TS, SensMax Loyalty Button L3 SLR TS.

Communication ranges: SensMax TCPIP LR TS up to 150m, SensMax TCPIP SLR TS up to 800m.

Quantity of serviced devices: SensMax TCPIP LR TS 30pcs of sensors, SensMax TCPIP SLR TS 30 pcs of sensors.

Internal memory: 2000 records, Shared memory among sensors.

Internet connection: LAN router, RJ45.

Configuration port: USB.

Radio frequency: SensMax TCPIP LR TS 868MHz, SensMax TCPIP SLR TS 868MHz.

Power supply: AC adaptor 5V or POE adaptor.

Case: ABS plastic, black.

Dimensions: 90x66x28mm.

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