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Anti-theft tags are an essential element of any security system.

The type of tag should be chosen appropriately to the installation of anti-theft systems (RF, AM).The choice of the tag should consider the type of goods which have to be secured (clothing, underwear, leather, footwear, etc.)

Our offer includes  anti-theft tags, anti-theft labels, a large selection of anti-theft systems and other security devices and accessories in various sizes, shapes and colors to meet the individual needs of each client.

The high quality and excellent performance of tags and labels are a key element for the accurate operation of the  anti-theft system, which is why it is so important to deliver only high quality anti-theft accessories  to stores, to ensure the protection will be highly effective!

Our offer includes only the best and effective antitheft tags and labels.We aim to provide professional store protection and customer satisfaction.

Antitheft accesories such as tags are one of the most effective forms of protection against theft.

Amersec offers new, solid tags for each type of anti-theft system (AM - acoustic-magnetic, RF - radio).Our antitheft systems are effective, discreet and tailored to customer requirements. If you are looking for the right anti-theft system and necessary accessories, please contact us. We offer full support at every stage of the order.


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