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The Storemonitore application has been designed for developing retail chains and hypermarkets, which centrally manage their multiple stores. The application allows you to collect informations from customer counters and EAS systems from each store, as well as analyze and process them using the Internet. Thanks to informations sent from each stores, the managing department is able to effectively manage staff as well as plan and take appropriate marketing strategy at the right time in order to increase sales.

Each customer as an application user has the ability to create as part of his main account – subaccounts for individual users of the retail chain (each store), so that he can effectively and efficiently manage data.


Key functions and tools of the STOREMONITOR application:

  • online connection with EAS system and customer counter
  • monitoring the work of the EAS system
  • costumer counter data management
  • alarm counter
  • division into: main account (access to data from all stores), sub-accounts (access to data of an idividual store)
  • customer main account management
  • subaccounts management
  • data collection and export


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