SensMax LED-391

    SensMax LED-391


SensMax LED-391 led display screen

Operation principle: Display information from SensMax people counting system
Power supply: 230 VAC
Communication range: LED-391 LR TS up to 150-250m, LED-391 SLR TS up to 1000m
Dimensions: 500x500mm


LED 3 digit led number display for showing the information received from people counting sensors in real-time. Designed for occupancy monitoring projects.


SensMax LED-391 led screen for counters is designed for displaying the actual live information received from SensMax real-time people counting systems. The led screen reads information from the SensMax WiFi data gateways in real-time and displays live readings from the people counters. The installation is fast and easy. Just need to power it up and attach it as a standard wireless sensor to the gateway on the web configuration page of the gateway.

There are two modifications of led screens with different communication ranges:

  • SensMax LED-391 LR TS – up to 150-250 meters
  • SensMax LED-391 SLR TS – up to 1000 meters

The LED display screen is designed both for indoor and outdoor use, so it is possible to fix it on a wall or standing mount nearby entrance. The bright display will point visitors attention much more compared to a standard TV or Tablet PC.



The LED screen can display two types of information:

  • An actual number of visitors inside premises in real-time.
  • Total visitors amount for today.

There is an option to show information from one people counter sensor, as well as combined data from a group of people counting sensors. It gives the opportunity to use the LED screen for occupancy monitoring for single rooms/premises or complex buildings with many entrances. According to projects needs, you can set up a number of allowed people inside premises and display STOP/GO notifications in red or green color according to an actual number of visitors inside.



Technical Details:

Application: People counting in realtime, occupancy monitoring, displaying notifications according to number of visitors inside premises.

Sensors supported: SensMax Pro D3 LR TS , SensMax Pro D3 SLR TS.

Gateways supported: SensMax WiFi LR TS , SensMax WiFi SLR TS.

Connectivity range: SensMax LED-391 LR TS up to 150 -200 m, SensMax LED-391 SLR TS up to 1000 m.

Radio frequency: 868 MHz.

Power supply: 230 VAC.

Power consumption: 50 W.

Brightness white balance: ≥65000 cd/m².

Dimensions: 500×500 mm.

Pixel resolution: 128×128 px.


This device appears in those solutions:



  • People counting system for shopping malls and smart buildings



  • Real-time people counting with online reporting



  • People counting system for retail stores


  • People counting system for toilets


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