Powerful RF (Radio-Frequency) transceiver system designed to operate as a strong and reliable single pedestal with excellent detection of adhesive labels. This line of NG (Next Generation) systems is ideal for supermarkets and hypermarkets where the Mono pedestal can be placed to cover two checkout exits.

The NG Mono system excels in large stores where it can be linked together in large numbers, and the clear acrylic panel allows it to blend seamlessly into modern or premium retail spaces, the ideal fusion of function and design.

A fully equipped security solution is connected to the StoreMonitor cloud or upgraded with wireless communication for easy data collection and maximum security.


• Remote maintenance and diagnostics
• Wireless communication
• StoreMonitor connectivity
• Decoration light
• Tag too close indication

System specification

Operating frequency 8.2 MHz
Power 18 V AC
Consumption 20 W


Height 165.5 cm
Width 36.5 cm
Depth 2.0 cm
Weight 15.8 kg

ul. Gen. Bora-Komorowskiego 38, 36-100 Kolbuszowa

Projekt i realizacja: BigCom