A label deactivator is a necessary component of any security solution requiring consumable labels. AMERSEC® offers multiple deactivation solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of retailers, including the possibility of scanner or self-operated POS integration.
The AM (Acousto-Magnetic) STANDARD deactivator is a full-featured device and includes audible and visual deactivation indications as well as a large deactivation zone with high-speed throughput. It is a smart device that can provide a full overview of deactivation activities, and is StoreMonitor compatible for fast remote maintenance and setup.

Options and features


  • Ultra-slim design
  • Designed to be placed on top of cash desks
  • LED status and deactivation indication
  • Up to 2m cable length from Deactivator unit

System specification

Designed for stores where the deactivation pad must be placed on top of the cash desk. The cable extends from the side and can be easily covered without the need to cut the cash desk.


Dimension160 x 160 x 22 mm
Hole size
Weight0.6 kg
Cable lenght1.5 m
Deactivation height10 cm

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